The Program



It’s easy to remember. We tend to see threes in everything. Our program outline is no exception. The time between the first three hours and the first three years after getting out of prison can be incredibly daunting for anyone. The difference community makes in this transition process is unmatched and completely priceless. Welcome home.

Residency / Low-Income Housing Rates

Includes utilities, water, phone, internet and trash

Security Deposit

$50.00 - All Rooms

Weekly Rate


Bi-Weekly Rate


Monthly Rate




Description needed

First Three Hours
  • Meet the individual at the gate upon release
  • Pick up resident from halfway house
  • Visit Parole / Probation
  • Formally celebrate the individual’s Re-entry
  • Provide basic essentials of daily living
First Three Days
  • Identification (State ID, Social Security Card)
  • Introduce Transportation resources
  • Connect with Food stamp office
  • Assist with Procuring Clothing
  • Orientation process / assessment
First Three Weeks
  • Establish Required activity schedule
  • Establish Parole / Probation schedule
  • Introduction to Church Services
  • GED preparation
  • Higher education preparation
  • Introduction to AA / NA
  • Counseling (Individual & Group)
  • Out patient treatment
First Three Months
  • Establish Employment “path”
  • Financial Mentorship
  • Transportation Plan
  • Obtain Driver’s License / Insurance
  • Housing Stabilized within Inside/Out
  • Commitments Scheduled
  • Secured Mandated Programming
  • Stabilized Physical Health Needs)
  • Fellowship Road Map Fully Engaged
  • Creation of a New Community
First One to Three Years
  • Grow in faith and fellowship within church and community
  • Achieve initial goals, create strategies for achieving “Dreams”
  • Actively involved in ministry and becoming a disciple of others
  • Grow in independence with honest self assessments
  • Develop deeper ties and wholly positive relationships
  • Continue accountability as a “full partner”