Walk by Faith not by Sight…
October 2, 2017
October 5, 2017

It’s thrilling to read about all of the crazy things that the disciples did and endured during the birth of the church.  They were so busy and everywhere they went they went on foot!  Can you imagine? Traipsing throughout Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth.  Getting stoned, going to prison, so many crazy things happening to them and every time the encountered a difficulty they just laughed.  They didn’t worry, they smiled and laughed.  Amazing.

It’s that Acts state of mind.  The Holy Spirit was fresh and alive and encouraging them along their way. All they could think about was Jesus.  They lived and ate and breathed Jesus.  Nothing else mattered. The particulars of life just got taken care of and they were free to be Jesus to all that they came in contact with.  Shoot!  The day of Pentecost Peter led 3000 to the Lord.  Great way to start the new church off with a bang!

God is so good. After everything the disciples had gone through they were now able to relax into the power of the Holy Spirit and feel the anointing carry them on the journey of a life time.  And it wasn’t just the guys.  The women were full of the holy Spirit too.  It’s written that the Holy Spirit was poured out upon all flesh.  I wish we had a glimpse into what the women were doing behind the scenes.  I am certain that they were just as powerful as the men were.  Healing and Deliverance and so much more.  The women were just as sold out as the men were.  Singlemindedly they focused on the Lord allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through them.

Oh what a time it must have been.  I know that it was a dangerous time and perilous time for those who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was such an exciting time to be alive.  The Church was going through incredible birth pangs as many were martyred for their faith in Christ.   But it didn’t matter.  The Church just kept growing and growing and no matter what the authorities did the Christians kept multiplying.


In this time of depravity and mass shootings it’s hard to see through the fog to have an Acts kind of mind.  And yet during the time of Acts it was a very violent time. The Coliseums all over Europe and the Middle East were all constant blood baths that entertained the masses. The people were numb to the fact that those were people in that ring.  They were living human beings and somehow the masses saw them all as disposable. Meanwhile the greatest movement ever was transpiring…the oppression made it even more attractive and then the rich started accepting Christ and oh what a problem that became.

We are so very spoiled now.  Church is available everywhere at different times and on different days. We don’t have to hide to worship the word of God. Shoot, we can watch it at home if we want.  We don’t even have to go anywhere.  Who needs the body of Christ?  Who needs fellowship? I do.  I love going to Church.  It’s a powerful church that leaves me breathlessly in awe of our God and how He is working  in our lives.

I need the fire inside…that I can’t control – that I can’t contain. I feel the Spirit of the Living God when I go to Church. Thank you Jesus.

Acts 2

Jen Reali
Jen Reali

Jen Reali served 24 years in prison and worked in ministry while on the inside, knowing that the only way she was going to make it through the darkness was to cling to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jen has a passion for being Jesus to others and ministering to others through word and song.

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