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March 20, 2017
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April 23, 2017

We are all connected.  Like it or not, as part of the world that we live in we are all connected to each other and to every thing on the earth.  Every day we take for granted that the sun will rise and the sun will set.  We don’t worry about the gravity that is keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.  We don’t ponder how the trees and plants are creating the oxygen that we need to breath or how the bees pollinate most of the fruits and vegetables that we need to eat.

As a general rule we don’t perseverate on how the clothes that we wear are made, who made them or what there life might be like.  We just go about our lives taking all of these things for granted because from the time we can remember these things just were.  In a sense, we were born into all of these things that have existed for a long time.

If one is a millennial, there isn’t a memory of life before the cell phone or internet or wifi.

As I sit here writing, my cat is laying on the filing cabinet next to me, the dog is asleep on the couch and the birds outside are creating a symphony of incredible sound and song.  The sun has just risen and that means that the earth has done its daily rotation giving us another day of warm spring weather.

Throughout this day I will encounter a number of people that I expect to see and a number of people that I have never seen in my life before, and yet each one of these lives will bring to mine something that will enhance my day one way or the other. Some good, some frustrating, some not so good.  Although we all like to have some sense of consistency in our lives our lives are always in flux and the unexpected should really be expected.  No matter who we are or where we are there are always unexpected events that, shall we say, keep life interesting.

There was a time in my life where I needed chaos to feel alive.  The drama in my life defined a need I had within me to be of value.  Unhealthy perspective to be sure, I would become anxious if there wasn’t a constant stream of unexpected fires that I needed to put out.  Of course, that was before I came to know Jesus.  That was before I found my value in Christ and not in what others thought of me.

As wonderful as that freedom is it is important to remember that none of us are an island.  Our lives are woven into the fabric of others in ways that we may never realize.  Thing is, it is our choice to make that fabric frayed and unstable or sturdy and smooth.  It is really quite tragic that so few people see the way they intersect with others and how that can deviate the paths of those we influence.

In our own fractured lives we can touch others lives in ways that hurt.  By hurting others we hurt all who they are attached to and we also hurt the Lord.  I’ve come to be very aware of how my life is attached to the Lords reputation.  Even though we are human and we make mistakes, everything we do touches the Lord and everything we do either creates an atmosphere wherein Jesus is exalted or we tarnish His character by being less than what He has called us to be.

When some of us were kids our parents would tell us that if we didn’t have anything nice to say to not say anything at all.  Such wise advice.  Words are so very powerful.  So are actions.  When the two don’t line up it is very hard to respect the one speaking or acting.  We cannot be passionate about helping others if we aren’t passionate about helping people individually.  If we have chosen a path that is meant to help others than it is imperative that we represent Jesus first and our ministry second.  If ever our ministry becomes more important than our Lord we are dangerous waters.  What the Lord gives, He will take away.

Because we are all so connected – whether we like that truth or not – how we live our lives matters.  If we have chosen a life of ministry then we are selling the life style of Christ.  If we have a tendency to ignore the needs of those we have chosen to minister to then we aren’t being Christ like at all.  To be in ministry requires us to have a responsibility that others may not have.

Although we are all in ministry to some extent it is the ones who choose to lead in ministry that need to be careful.  It says so in the word that we will be accountable for all the words we use and if we are in positions of authority in ministry we are held to a higher standard in Christ.  What does that mean?  It means that we need to be very prayerful about our desire to be in leadership because if we aren’t right sized we will have a tendency to hurt more of the people that we have chosen to serve than we have helped.

Mindfulness.  If we can keep in mind how very connected we are we may just become a minister of Gods amazing love and light in the world in a way that will touch lives beyond our circle of influence in ways only God could create.  If we neglect to keep that in mind we may be more hurtful to the church and its bride than we could ever imagine.

Tender young believers are fragile to the things of God and can be crushed so very easily.  If we rely upon the Holy Spirit to give us the words to say when we are in the presence of anyone then we will bring to God many who may not have found Jesus otherwise. In turn, we have the opportunity to bring great glory to God who is the only one who should get any glory out of the things we do along our life’s path with Christ.

Matthew 12:36I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak

Jen Reali
Jen Reali

Jen Reali served 24 years in prison and worked in ministry while on the inside, knowing that the only way she was going to make it through the darkness was to cling to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jen has a passion for being Jesus to others and ministering to others through word and song.

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