Words of Encouragement

March 22, 2017


We are all connected.  Like it or not, as part of the world that we live in we are all connected to each other and to […]
March 20, 2017

How We Affect Our World

We never really know how our lives affect the world around us When we do things that cause a ripple effect in the world more often […]
March 17, 2017

Desert Times

For every believer there is a time – a season – where our faith seems distant and dry…when there seems to be a barrier between our […]


We Are In The Business Of Saving Lives

A Community Re-Entry Place, Inside / Out, is a Ministry that helps ex-offenders, the hurting, wounded, homeless, and the addicted. We help those who need a “re-entry” back to life by the rebuilding of their lives with Jesus as the guide. Inside/Out will help individuals move out of homelessness and institutionalization. To move from the “I Can’t” mentality to “I Can” do all things through Christ. Lives changed and Identity changed to the image of our Lord Jesus.

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